megan mb gilmore

alternative perceptions

Title of Piece
CE Visiting Lecture Series - Alternative Perceptions

Dimensions of Piece
4 cards, each 6 x 9 inches

This piece began its journey in the class Thinking Visually and was created in Final Studio. The objective was to create a marketing piece for a four-part visiting lecture series with a time frame of two days until print, and a budget of $2,000. The lecture series is entitled Alternative Perceptions, and is comprised of four artists who all use sustainable practices. My concept for this piece is perception. Everyone has different viewpoints and preconceptions. However, it is important to be able to see things from another perspective. These artists take materials or images often perceived as ugly, useless or trash and create something inventive and beautiful. The idea behind the mailer postcards is that each artist is reprinted over the previous one, re-purposing the piece as something useful instead of throwing it into the trash. 

Concept | Perception
Typeface | Avenir
Paper | Neenah Environmental PC 100 White, 80 cover weight, which is created from 100% post consumer waste
Printer | ConceptLink