megan mb gilmore


Pieces Created
11x17 CSM Student Brochure | Symposium Infographic

One-off pieces created for various audiences.

Concept | N/A
Typeface | N/A

Student Outreach Brochure

Student Outreach Brochure

Deliverable: Document that career services can distribute (printed out or virtually) to students to 1.) inform them about CSM/what it is/what it does and 2.) convince them to use it. This is in response to a resonating sentiment from clients that they need a document like this to promote CSM to their students and educate students on what CSM is.

Audience: Students

Style: We want this to feel really fun and visually interesting so students don't get bored three sentences in. So, think lots of colors, cool graphics.

CSM Symposium 2014 Infographic

CSM Symposium 2014 Infographic

Objective: Drive preference and awareness for the brand by showcasing CSM results in an easily digestible infographic