megan mb gilmore


there's a lot to explore in this world, and i want to help you explore your design.


Megan Gilmore

i am a graphic and web designer and have been creating websites since teaching myself html and css in 2006. i began studying at the rhode island school of design (risd) in 2011 and immersed myself in learning design principles, critiquing, the technology behind today's design world, and honing my minimalist style. i graduated in 2013 with a certificate in graphic design.

i hold a bachelor of arts in a double major of anthropology and political science. at risd, i applied this background to conceptual design, taking one of my favorite things—research—to study a client's mission and needs to create a concept around them. each element of my work ties back to one connecting concept which reflects my client. here is an example of my conceptual process.

my personal concept is joy, with my personal brand reflecting the joy that i find in everything. my process involves seeing how things work—my clients, their businesses—with an exuberant curiosity, giving joy and an element of surprise and wonder to my designs. i use sustainable design practices where possible for my clients, including soy ink, recycled paper, and environmentally-conscious printing.





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