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csm symposium

Pieces Created
Website | Emails | Social Media Graphics | Program Book | Event Signage

The CSM Symposium is an event put on by Symplicity every year. In 2015, the theme was Freedom and I worked with the other visual designers to complete the project. I personally was responsible for the color palette and typefaces. These were carried throughout when I designed the website, email campaign and social media outreach. 

In 2016, the event was held in Palm Springs, CA and the theme was Stars on Vacation. I took lead of this project, and was responsible for the theme, color palette and typefaces. In addition to the design for the website, email campaign and social media outreach, I also created the program book and event signage. By working one-on-one with the event coordinator, we were able to carry the theme throughout the entire event; everything from entertainment to centerpieces.

Concept | Freedom (2015) | Stars on Vacation (2016)
Typeface | Proxima Nova (2015) | SignPainter-HouseScript, Helvetica Neue & Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly

2016 CSM Symposium Mood Board

2016 CSM Symposium Mood Board