megan mb gilmore

create power yoga

Title of Piece
Identity and Branding for Create Power Yoga

Dimensions of Piece
Business Card 2 x 2 inches
Complimentary Card 3.5 x 3.5 inches
Outdoor Signage
Website N/A

Created for a client with the start-up company, Create Power Yoga. The mission of the company is, "to provide a safe, peaceful, non-judgmental, and friendly environment." The concept is ‘transcend’. The idea behind the concept came from the origami crane. In origami, the act of folding is a journey from one state to another. Yoga can be viewed the same way. I created the logomark, website, business card and complimentary card for the client.  The typeface was chosen for the form of the W, which crosses and forms the look of fold lines.

Concept | Transcend
Typeface | Scala Sans
Paper Business and Complimentary Card-14 point C25 Gloss Cover
Printer | PsPrint
Website Link |