megan mb gilmore

symplicity marketing collateral

Pieces Created
Product Brochures | Case Studies | Business Cases | White Papers | Multi-page Leave-behinds | Trifold Brochure

One of the largest projects undertaken by our visual design team, this was a revamp of all of the product brochureware and the creation of many additional pieces of marketing collateral. We each created a template for one of the main pieces (brochure, case study, business case and white paper) utilizing the base grid and typefaces. In addition to being an active participant in the brainstorming sessions, I worked with the Creative Director in finalizing the new color palette. I also fine-tuned the grid system, created a Creative Cloud Library of the colors, logos and typestyles, built complete paragraph and character styles within InDesign and developed a style guide. When it came time for the icon exploration, I took lead and we were able to compile a concise number of options that touched on brand for the Creative Director to make a final decision. 

Since this project began, we have also added international pieces and other pieces, all of which follow the basic structure, yet are unique on their own. By using a three column grid, and a modular type system, we can create dynamic pieces that are flexible for any of the features that the marketing associates request and allows us to adjust as the marketing needs change.

Concept | Modular & Flexible
Typeface | Gotham & Chronicle